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There are so many varieties of garage doors available in the market that differentiating one from another can become problematic for an individual. But generally, the doors can be divided into two broad categories: the tilt-ups and the section roll ups. Each category can then be further divided into several types of garage entrances. Under tilt up doors, there’s the retractable door, canopy door, swing hung door, or the up-and-over door.

Under the roll ups category, the most common door types are an overhead door, sectional door, and the roller door. Each of these door styles has their own distinguishing function that makes them different from the others. But to define the two broad categories, the tilt up doors can be said to be the variety that swings upward to open and slides parallel into the garage ceiling.

These are space consuming things that provide a bigger entrance space for your cars to pass through. Tilt up doors are a perfect match for a spacious residential garage area or a commercial garage. On the other hand, the roll-up door variety can be defined as those that move upward via a rolling system and into the roof of a garage.

These are space-saving doors that are recommended for parking areas that does not have too much space. Regardless of the type of garage you have, it’s not uncommon for things to malfunction at any given time.

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This is why we are here to help you with installation and repair services of new garage door types so that you can live worry free. Our expert garage repair technicians have extensive experience in working on both residential and commercial garage types, which you cannot find anywhere else.

And the best part is that our garage door repair services are not limited to the items listed above. You can contact us for every task related to maintenance, and we promise you to serve adequately and will help you to keep the garage lasting long with bare minimum repairs.

Our certified technicians offer excellent maintenance and repair work for all your garage needs so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without having to worry about any untimely breakdowns. So don’t wait any longer, get in touch with us now and see how we do garage doors repairs and maintenance.

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